Tenacity Texas

Sherry Sports, LLC owns and operates the Tenacity Texas and BearLax Club Teams. Tenacity Texas is a club team program in the Houston area for elite players to compete with and against other top players from all over the country. 

Tenacity10 encompasses everything else in the business, including: camps; clinics; college counseling; consulting; and private training sessions.  We aim to grow opportunities in lacrosse for interested players at every level.  We have created programs to reach young girls wanting to work hard to learn the game of lacrosse. The idea is that both Tenacity Texas and other members can participate in our camps and other programs, but the travel teams are built for a select group of players who are chosen through a tryout process.
The mission for our teams-the Tenacity Texas and BearLax teams- is to do the following:
Provide opportunities for top players to train and compete together in the off season
Help develop top players into college prospects through access to premier coaching
Provide access to guidance throughout the college recruiting process for the Division I, II, III, and WDIA levels.
Foster an environment in which girls learn life lessons as well as lacrosse skills
We bring the Tenacity10 Principles to the players on our travel teams so that they are constantly reminded to go beyond “dreaming” or just setting goals. 
The Tenacity Texas Mission is to help advance the sport of lacrosse in Southeast Texas, to help develop top players into college prospects, and to foster an environment in which girls learn life lessons as well as lacrosse skills.
Tenacity10 aims to create a supportive environment for young women, while also giving them tools for navigating through life.  Through lacrosse these girls can gain an understanding of discipline, goal-setting, follow through, and problem solving. They can learn to perform well under pressure, work well with different types of people, and to experience both success and failure with class and grace.
Tenacity Texas Blue, Green and 2018!
Each team will practice on Sunday afternoons in the Fall, Winter, and Summer during the 2013/2014 year.  We practice and compete outside of the spring season so as to complement the high school and youth team seasons that the girls play on in their local areas. Tenacity Texas teams are required to compete in certain tournaments throughout the year so that we can develop chemistry both on and off the field. The consistent rosters, and high level of commitment on our players’ and families’ parts have helped create cohesive squads that can compete against clubs nationwide. 
Competing all over the country gives our girls exposure to college coaches and we are proud to have players currently being recruited from schools all over the country in Divisions I, II, and III. 
Our staff includes past and current players and is continuing to grow.  We require that our coaches watch and learn from the best just as we ask our players to do.  We provide individual as well as team feedback in a variety of formats throughout the season so that players continue to advance their skills on a consistent basis.  


2013-2014 Club Team Schedule
Blue Team:
Practices - Sunday afternoons; Wednesday Evenings (June & July Only)
  • Fall Uprising (Bel Air, MD); November 2-3, 2013
  • Sandstorm (Palm Dessert, CA); January 18-19, 2014
  • Drew Webb 7 v. 7 (Houston, TX); January 2014
  • IWLCA Champion’s Cup (Virginia); June 2014
  • IWLCA Western Cup (Colorado); June 2014
  • The Grind (New Jersey); July 2014
Green Team:
Practices - Sunday afternoons; Wednesday Evenings (June & only).
  • Fall Uprising (Bel Air, MD); November 2-3, 2013
  • Sandstorm (Palm Dessert, CA); January 18-19, 2014
  • Drew Webb 7 v. 7 (Houston, TX); January 2014
  • IWLCA Champion’s Cup (Virginia); June 2014
  • IWLCA Western Cup (Colorado); June 2014
  • The Grind (New Jersey); July 2014
2018 Team:
Practices - Sunday afternoons; Wednesday Evenings (June & July only)
Tournaments -
  • Fall Uprising (Bel Air, MD); November 2-3, 2013
  • Sandstorm (Palm Dessert, CA); January 18-19, 2014
  • Drew Webb 7 v. 7 (Houston, TX); January, 2014
  • Lonestar Laxapalooza (Allen, TX); May 31-June 1, 2014
  • U-15 Regional Tournament (Raleigh, NC); June 6-8, 2014
  • The Grind (New Jersey); July 2014
Tenacity Texas Policies
Tryouts Teams will be put together based on talent level, position, work ethic, and chemistry factors.  Returners will also be judged on their prior year’s performance and commitment to their team.  Players trying out for Tenacity Texas will attend tryouts in mid-September and will be tryout out for the team playing through the summer of the following year. Players will tryout with all others in their grad year.  We want to provide all of our members with the opportunity to make progress as an individual lacrosse athlete, have access to advanced training and mentoring by our coaches, to play with top players from all over Southeast Texas, and become a college prospect if they wish. 
Membership Fees
Fees cover the following: A minimum # of practices (depending on the team), tournament registration for the mandatory tournaments, coaches’ pay, coaches’ travel, practice shirt, socks, additional insurance, facilities, and team equipment. Please attend an information session in September to find out more about the Tenacity Texas, and the different costs per team. Tenacity Texas members may opt in or opt out of college counseling guidance beyond the basic level of support offered to all players. Membership Fees do NOT cover Membership fees do not include flight costs, meals, rental cars, or hotel rooms on trips to tournaments. Uniforms are also separate since players do not have to buy a new one each year. Field player uniforms cost about $70 for the kilt, and reversible, and they can be used for multiple years. Goalie uniforms usually cost around $80 for shorts and reversible. Ordering instructions will be given upon placement on a team. 
Travel to Tournaments
Players will have the option to travel “with the team” or not. If players cannot travel with their own families, they can either go with a teammate and her family and split costs with them, OR pay fees to Tenacity Texas for us to chaperone them. Players who “travel with the team” will split the costs of the hotel rooms (players will be in rooms of 4) and rental cars, and then bring money for food. *In the past, we have had them pay for food ahead of time, but we are changing that this year.  Players traveling with the team must buy a ticket on the flight the coaches are on, or on one that arrives around the same time as the coaches in order to get a ride to the team hotel. The other option is to meet us at the hotel. Travel information will be posted on the team Shutterfly site for families to refer to after the initial email with all of the deadlines, etc. Questions regarding travel NOT answered on Shutterfly, can be directed to Amy Markwort, amymarkwort@tenacity10.com.  
Financial Aid
This year, the Financial Aid process will be run through the Tenacity Project which is the 501c3 we are setting up to provide opportunities for more student-athletes to participate regardless of their ability to pay for camps, teams, or other programs.
We have a no refund policy for Tenacity Texas teams except in cases of injury or illness that will prevent participation on the team for a long term period. In the case of injury, we will refund families minus any expenses we have already incurred at that point. If a player fails to show up  for mandatory events, or pay for programs (unless under financial aid) will mean removal from her team without the guarantee of a refund.
All Tenacity Texas Members MUST be current members of US Lacrosse. Please go to www.uslacrosse.org to look up your member # or to sign up. Most youth and high school programs require this membership as well, so make sure you check to see if you are already registered before creating a new account!  
Oasys Registration System
Oasys is the management system we use for registration for teams, camps, clinics and tournaments. Since we use this system any bill you receive will read Oasys Sports.
Coaches and guest trainers must have experience in WOMEN’S lacrosse specifically, and in 2013 they will all have gone through training with Theresa Sherry or Amy Markwort and Tenacity10. The BearLax and Tenacity Texas system is one that maintains consistent language, drills, and philosophies throughout all of the age groups and levels which eases any player transition between teams and coaches throughout multiple years with our program.  
Please see our Staff page for bios on our coaches!